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Pastured Berkshire Pork

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2023 Dates coming soon

We only have space dedicated to raising 6 Berkshire hogs on pasture each year because they are vigorous rooters in the soil. To protect our pastures, we limit the amount of livestock to what the land can bear and still revigorate itself. 

Our pork is sold by the half of hog or possibly by bulk sausage if a half is not claimed. We sold out reservations for halves in February of 2020 for our 5 Berkshires last year even though they weren't ready for processing until October. 

Contact us to confirm a half is available before sending your registration and deposit. 

Contact information is below. 


About Berkshire Pigs


Berkshire Pigs were brought to the United States in 1823 and are also know as Kurobuta (Japanese for black pig). Historically the favorite breed of British Royalty, they were a gift to the Japanese ambassador from the King of England. Our Berkshire Pigs are raised on pasture, gleaned vegetables, non-GMO feed, and home grown organic oats.

Heritage Food USA extols the flavor of the pork as  "elegant, luscious and smooth. The streaks of fat that run through the meat produces a round buttery flavor that melts on the tongue." They describe it as “exceptionally flavorful.” (


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