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Agrarian Biodiversity and Sustainability

Kinsman Farm has been in the family for over 65 years. It has consistently changed and adapted to keep pace with the times, reinventing itself to reflect the lifestyle and philosophy of the farmers. Doug and Valerie Kinsman have been married since 1979, raising four children on the farm, and now enjoy sharing their agrarian heritage with their grandchildren. Doug has lived on the farm all but six months of his life, thriving on the goodness of the land. 

Kinsman Farm Enterprises is a family-owned and operated farm producing organically grown vegetables and fruits. We offer a wide variety of specialty crops through our CSA program.


We currently have two high tunnels and assorted low tunnels to extend our growing seasons in Spring and Fall. We have spent several years developing season extension methods for specialty crop production, creating a permaculture-style fruit tree orchard, planting hardy native berries and nut trees, and researching methods of production that do not use cancer-causing sprays. We believe that if we can nurture the biological balance in the soil, the soil will feed the plants, and the plants will feed us and our livestock. We are striving to find that balance.


We do not use GMO vegetable seeds, nor do we use pesticides or herbicides on our fruits and vegetables. We build fertility in our soil through compost, cover crops, and organic amendments. We are committed to producing high-quality, healthy food for our region. 


We have recently expanded into producing grass-fed meats and eggs. Our breeds of livestock are specifically chosen for their ability to live their lives naturally and outdoors on pasture, for their ability to reproduce after their own kind, and for their hardy constitution for our climate. We have no desire to pump our livestock full of antibiotics because they are unsuited for the environment in which they live. Animals on grass are always healthier than confined animals.

Our livestock is humanely cared for and provided with fresh air, daily green pasture, and supplemental non-GMO feeds with natural minerals and vitamins mixed in for optimal health. Our heritage chickens, pigs, and cattle are selected for their natural ability to graze and maintain optimal health in their natural habitats. 

We believe a farmer should be able to make a living from their land and are thankful for all of the CSA families and community members who purchase our food products.


It is our goal that all of the food produced on our land is life-giving, nutritious, and produced in a sustainable manner as possible. We care about our families and about the land so that it may generate sustenance for the next generation.

We are working to bring our farm's production practices into a position of agrarian biodiversity and sustainability- just like the farms of decades past nurtured their family and community around them.  

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