2021 Farm Tour and Dinner Series 


Our tour tells the story of the revival of the small farm homestead- the farmstead. As we journey around the farm we will highlight our rare and heritage chickens,-some breeds barely above extinction levels. We will view our heritage cattle, Scottish Highlands, chosen for their ability to contribute to a small farmstead and also chosen to preserve the breed. The Berkshire hogs on pasture are also chosen as a rare heritage breed. 

We will visit the ancient grains' experimental test plots. The permaculture fruit orchard in progress will be explained. Our use of unheated high tunnels and low tunnels to grow vegetables year-round will be featured. The multi-purpose windbreak hedge will show how native edibles can be used in your landscape. And we will walk through the organically grown vegetable beds- all the while nibbling on treats from the farm.  Each element is vital to a thriving sustainable farmstead. 

After the tour, we invite you to be our private guests to an evening repast: a homestead dinner created from the abundance of the farm. 

*Please note that all tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE but ARE transferable to another person. Please dress according to the weather with shoes appropriate for a walking tour.  Thank you!

You may purchase tickets at the link below and will receive a digital file of your ticket to print out.